Rap video — A1 Steak Sauce Online Commercial

February 7, 2010

Kudos to Wax and Herbal TV for winning the A1 Steak Sauce Contest.

Wax’s video “A1, You Make My Beef Sing!” is a great example of a top notch online commercial video. It’s so “right to message” that it could be run on TV with minimal editing.

  • The product stands out and is logically in every scene.
  • The music is catchy, the lyrics are easy to understand and tells the message of the brand.
  • A1 is a mature brand. The video can help it relate to the 18 – 24 age group. … but it’s not so hard core rap that it will alienate the 24+ demographic.
  • Wax speaks of using it (dunk it, cover it) on hamburgers, frankfurters, and steaks. (How many of us will now try it on a frankfurter?)

Excellent work. I will definitely think of this video the next time I see A1 in the store… (If this video popped up as a Super Bowl commercial, I can imagine kids singing it the next day.)

There’s a lot of talent out there!

Mark Altchiler