Intro to eSavvy

January 10, 2010

Hello.  I’m Mark from Commack.

I have a technical, business development, and marketing background.  I was a C programmer doing work for such companies as American Express, Goldman Sachs, and Dynamic Microprocessor Associates (pcAnywhere).

I made a career change and had my own direct marketing company for a few years.

Since then, I have handled marketing and/or business development for projects such as / Eloan, Chase Auto Finance’s Online Car Buying Services, DealerTrack, (a user generated video site),,,  CargoTel (automotive logistics), (lacrosse and other sport stuff) , and (crowdsourcing, user generated videos).

The intent of the blog @ is to informally comment, review, and yap about online advertising and marketing.

Please take a look around and subscribe.

Thanks for visiting.  More to come… ;>)