Brilliant infomercials YOU pay to see

January 15, 2010

Here are a couple of movies you may have seen in the theaters.  Each had significant input and infusion of funds from marketers. Did the movie work?  Did it work for the brand? It’s your call!

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easton sports product placement hockey mask

(image from

Easton Sports product placement was just a part of their hockey strategy.

In 1990 Easton Sport’s convinced Wayne Gretzky to try their sticks. He liked them and signed a $2 million endorsement deal.  That was big.  (Other big stars liked the product, switched to the Easton sticks, without being paid any endorsement compensation.)

In 1993, Easton Sports’ a famed integration into “The Mighty Ducks.” took place.   The movie included much of their equipment in a movie that was popular with today’s youth.  It was a fun story of a group of kid overcoming the odds and winning. It was a classic “Rocky Story”

The movie was fun and the product placement was not blatant.  It was a smart part of their marketing strategy. It worked well and Easton Sports has continued to increase market share throughout the years.

Mini Cooper product placement advertising Italian Job Movie(image from

The Italian Job with Mark Wahlberg and Charlize Theron, was a “pretty good”, action packed, movie.  Great action and scenery for the big screen. There are many exciting driving scenes using Mini Coopers.

It worked! The movie was exciting. The Mini Coopers were perfect for many reasons; (a) they are common in Europe where the movie takes place, (b) they were small enough to fit into the back of a truck (fit the plot), and (c) they were sporty and drove well.

Great for the brand. The Mini Cooper came across as a great, reliable, exciting and sporty vehicle.   Kudos to all involved.

lacrosse movie crooked arrow lax

Crooked Arrows (or see imbd) is an independent film in production.  The film is staged in the passionate world of lacrosse.  The film also touches onto the Native American influence on the sport and history.

Reebok has made a large investment in the movie with the goal of giving their 9k brand of lacrosse equipment and apparel increased exposure.

We hope this will be an entertaining movie.

Equipment and apparel in a sports-related movie is typically a good fit for product placement.  It must be executed well with heroes, winners, and movie favorites wearing and using the products.  It shouldn’t be blatant. (Remember the Wayne’s World spoofs?)

This movie may also be good for the exposure of lacrosse.  Lacrosse is often regarded as a niche, but growing sport.  If this movie gets good play and reviews, it can increase the penetration of the sport.

Note: While I doubt US Lacrosse paid for anything in this film, the sport of lacrosse can be a big winner here.